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11 August 2007 @ 01:09 am
Chiaroscuro, Chapter 7  
Once again: this chapter is NSFW.

Chapter Seven: Chiaroscuro

Anticipation is a killer, Dino thinks. From the moment he received Hibari's final message he's been unable to stay still. The elevator doors open and he enters the apartment. He walks into his office, sits at his desk, stares at the neat row of messages in Romario's immaculate handwriting.

Sorry. Can't talk right now. My lover is going to do me good and proper tonight, so my brain is otherwise occupied.

He stands up suddenly, stalks out into the main room again, gazes through the window at the reddening skies. Is it possible, through sheer force of will, to make the sun set faster? Or stop it from setting at all? He swallows, his mouth suddenly dry. A drink. He needs a drink.

Naoko, his housekeeper, has left a pitcher of Campari and orange juice in the refrigerator. Dino loves the taste--simultaneously sweet and bitter, and Naoko mixes it perfectly every time. He's so high-strung, he breaks two glasses and nearly drops the pitcher before he's able to fill a third and down the contents in a single gulp. Shaking, he pours again, drinks again. It will take stronger stuff than this to truly calm his nerves, but he doesn't want anything to cloud his senses tonight. He also doesn't want Hibari to taste the sour sting of hard liquor on his lips when they kiss.

"Everything alright, boss?"

Romario's quiet voice startles him so badly that the glass in his hand slips and shatters upon the solid tile floor.

"Che cazzo, Romario!" Dino cries as his heart thunders in his chest.

Chuckling, his right-hand man enters the kitchen and locates the small sweeper vac in the pantry. He moves Dino gently aside and proceeds to clean up the mess.

"Since you got back from that meeting, you've got more agita than a whore in church," the capo observes. "I don't think I've ever seen you jump that high--not even when I walked in on you and--"

"Hey! HEY!" Dino shouts.

"Yeah, that was a cheap shot," Romario laughs. "Sorry. But you are wound tighter than my grandfather's watch. Anything I should know about?"

Dino shakes his head, shrugs. "Kyouya's coming over at eight."

"Brizio mentioned that."

Romario busies himself with emptying the vacuum canister and giving the floor a once over with a broom just in case he missed any stray pieces of glass. In all the years they've been together, Romario has never pushed, never pried into Dino's private affairs. This silent domestic industry is how he communicates that he's listening--provided his boss is inclined to talk.

Dino has confided a great many things to Romario over the course of his life, and there is no one else to whom he can comfortably confess his deepest secrets and darkest regrets. It's like having a plain-clothes priest constantly at his side, someone who will listen, understand, and never break the bonds of trust and confidentiality.

"We're gonna...well...I told him I wanted to...."

The other man nods, sagely. "You're having second thoughts?"

"Nnn. Not exactly," Dino replies.

Romario waits. In the intervening silence, he takes another pair of glasses out of the pantry, pours for both of them, and hands one to Dino.

"It's not normal--what I'm doing here. Is it, Romario?"

The other man doesn't answer immediately but sips his drink. His manner is easy, as if they were discussing football scores or possible vacation spots.

"What do I know from normal?" Romario asks. "That's not for me to say any more than it is for anybody else. What do you think?"

"I think that the idea of doing what Kyouya and I do together with any other guy is repulsive. But when I'm with him, it feels right and nothing else matters," Dino whispers into his glass.

"Well, there's your answer," Romario replies. "Unless, that's not what's really bothering you."

Dino contemplates his lieutenant's words. There is something else. It's not Kyouya or the unexplored frontiers of carnal knowledge. Nervousness is natural, and first-time jitters are easily overcome. The fear, however, is deeper. There has only been one other person in his life, only one other who set his body on fire, who made him abandon all reason, made him feel euphoric, untouchable and invincible. That person is forbidden to him. Kyouya is not. Not anymore.

"What if I love him, Romario?" he murmurs.

"Then you love him."

"But what if he doesn't love me back?"

Romario shrugs. "Then you accept it and move on."

"And...and if he does?"

A strong hand comes to rest on his shoulder, gentle and reassuring. "You worry too much."

Dino smiles, claps his second on the back, and takes a few deep breaths. He feels the restless creature inside him slow its steady pacing back and forth. It doesn't quite stop, but at least he can focus and think.

He goes back to his office, returns the calls. It is short work, as he will be in Italy by the end of the week. He cooks dinner, forces himself to eat. Passing out due to low blood sugar would be a bad thing. Music, TV, video games, books--he tries everything he can to make the time go faster. And then it comes--the chime that tells him someone has entered in an authorized pass code for the elevator downstairs. Dino looks at the clock--7:58. Hibari has planned his entrance down to the precise minute.

He rises and goes to the security panel. He waits for the flashing green words that prompt him to authorize or deny the secondary code allowing his visitor egress from the elevator. He touches the screen, "yes", opens the apartment door. At the end of the long, empty hallway, the elevator slides open, and there he is--Hibari Kyouya, immaculately dressed in suit and tie, a soft, wry smile on his face.


Dino leans against the doorframe, barefoot, dressed down in jeans and a tight tee-shirt, his hair touseled. It's all Hibari can do not to run down the hallway, tackle the man, and take him right then and there in the doorway. Instead, he proceeds calmly and makes sure they are both inside with the security system and umpteen locks fully engaged before he sets down his bag and kisses Dino's ready lips.

"So," he whispers when they part.

"So," Dino answers, still catching his breath.

"You can still change your mind," Hibari says, and prays to every god in heaven that Dino won't.

Those soft amber eyes peruse his face, and Dino smiles. "Now why would I want to do that?"

"Go get in the shower," Hibari orders. "I'll join you in a minute." He kisses the Italian again, a bit rougher this time, before releasing him. As always, there is no protest, no hesitation. Dino simply moves in the direction of the bathroom, as he has been told, pulling the t-shirt up over his head as he walks.

When he hears the sound of water, Hibari heads into Dino's bedroom. He puts what he'll need ready to hand beside the massive king-sized bed, and then he undresses himself, carefully folds his pants and his shirt, hangs his jacket in the closet. He supposes he could have held off for a bit, suggested a movie or a game first. But, if Dino is anywhere near as nervous as he is, then prolonging things will only make matters worse. He laughs. The blind leading the blind. He never imagined that his first partner would be as inexperienced as himself.

That little voice inside of him whispers out from the corners of his brain. Just do what feels good. Let it happen naturally, and everything will be fine. He takes a deep breath and steps into the bathroom.

The warm, black slate tile and the deep, steaming bathtub remind Kyouya of an onsen. This thing is as big as the tatami room in my apartment, he thinks. At least four people could bathe comfortably at the same time. He's never asked, but he's certain that it's continuously heated. The shower itself is nothing more than floor to ceiling panes of glass separating one corner of the room off from the rest. It's not quite as big as the one they had in Kobe, but it's pretty damn close. A key feature of the shower is the fog-proof glass. Through it, he can see Dino standing beneath the nozzle, clear liquid streaming and glistening along the muscles and angles of his body. With every step closer, Hibari feels his erection building, until at last there is nothing between them but steam and water.

He presses Dino up against the glass and begins to devour him with his teeth and his tongue. The Italian cries out, makes those wonderful little sounds of pleasure as Kyouya moves from his earlobe down to his arms, his nipples, and his abdomen. It never ceases to amaze him how sensitive Dino is to touch. Find the right spots, and the man's penis stands at attention within a matter of moments. Kneeling on the tile, Hibari takes Dino's cock into his mouth, and with a strong memory of the Gokudera Technique, proceeds to help his lover relax a little.

Dino comes quickly--a sure sign that he was on edge--and sags against the wall. Hibari is pleased to note that the other man's shoulders are no longer corded and tight.

"Feel better?" he asks, standing and reaching for the shampoo bottle.

"Yeah. Thanks," Dino says, catching his breath.

They scrub one another--Kyouya loves washing Dino's hair, so smooth and silky beneath his fingers--pausing only long enough for their lips to occasionally meet. After they've rinsed, Dino returns Hibari's previous favor before they adjourn to the bathtub. Once Dino is settled in the hot, chin-high water, Hibari leans back against the Italian's chest. This is the first time they've bathed together. He didn't think he'd enjoy sharing something so private and meditative, even with Dino, but he finds that there is something comforting about being embraced, both by the water and by Dino's strong arms. They relax against one another and drift in the warmth and the calm.

"So," Hibari says, after some time has passed. "How was the meeting today?"

Dino shrugs. "I suppose we made some progress, but mostly it was business as usual. They want me to go to Italy at the end of the week."

"Since when are you the Vongola errand boy?"

"I'm not," Dino murmurs. He's not upset by the comment as his body remains relaxed and his hands still move in lazy arcs up and down Hibari's chest. "They've never been introduced to the party they need to meet. I'm an old family friend, so I'm going as a favor."

"How long will you be gone?" Hibari asks. He's come to treasure his afternoons and evenings with Dino. Anyone who takes the man away from him for too long is just asking for a beating--even if it's his own sainted Vongola Tenth.

"Only for a day or two," Dino answers. "Just long enough to pay my respects to a few people, and do this favor for Tsuna. Although, I might have to make a stop off in New York to check up on a few operations. Nothing major, though."

"Good," he says and closes his eyes. He drifts. Dino drifts. He's not sure how long they lie there in the water. The steam smells like rosemary and mint, both soothing and refreshing at once. Hibari thinks he could stay in the bath all night, except that the promise of so much more awaits him in the comfortable darkness of Dino's bedroom. The time for relaxation is over. It is time to do what he came for.

They quit the water, towel each other off and head for the bedroom. The last vestiges of daylight have fled the sky, and now all that can be seen through the tall windows are the edges of nearby buildings and the twinkling lights of the city outside. Hibari likes that he can stand naked in front of those windows, night or day, and look down upon the rest of the neighborhood. Further away, there are taller buildings, but in this corner of Tokyo, he can believe that he is king. No wonder Dino chose this place over other, newer prospects.

"You do that alot," Dino whispers in his ear. He presses his body against Hibari's back, and the Japanese man is pleased to find that, for all the relaxation of the bath, his lover is still very much aroused.

"I thought I told you to get on the bed," he says, putting a bit of firmness in his voice.

"You did," Dino says, "but you looked so...standing there...I couldn't help myself."

Eager hands run over his body, while a blaze of kisses begins at his ear and winds down to his shoulder. He hadn't expected Dino to play this game tonight of all nights, but the idea excites him. Dino, bound, blindfolded, and completely at his mercy, his cock buried in the deep embrace of that man's body--it's enough to make him collapse on the floor in a quivering lump of goo.

Maybe later...once he's used to it. Once I'm used to it!

"I'm inclined," he begins, allowing Dino's hands to continue their exploratory march across his torso, "to tie you up with that whip of yours and teach you a lesson about self-discipline, but as you can see, I'm feeling indulgent tonight. However, I still want you on the bed. Now."

Dino makes a small groan of protest, leaves one last, lingering kiss on the edge of Hibari's jaw, and moves across the bedroom. When the Japanese youth turns away from the lights and the window, the other man is settling himself into the pile of downy pillows propped up against the quilted headboard. Even without the tattoos, Dino's body would be a work of art. It's as if he weren't made of flesh and bone, but of fine golden marble molded and shaped by one of the Masters--Donatello or Michelangelo perhaps. Hibari has always liked to touch beautiful things--his mother's silk kimonos, the hand-blown glass vase from Aya-cho that is his father's greatest treasure. His fingers tingle with longing.

He stretches himself out along the length of that perfect body, entwines the fingers of one hand in that luxurious hair and begins with Dino's eyes, warm and electric with connection and longing. Golden lashes flutter as eyelids close and his lips make their first prayer to the god of his idolatry. If there were nothing in the universe but his eyes, it would be enough. He kisses Dino's lips, nuzzles that tender little spot behind the hinge of his jaw that is sure to send a wildfire of sensation through every nerve. His own name comes tickling against his ear, borne on the wings of a delighted sigh.

"You make the most delicious noises when I kiss you," Hibari murmurs. He nibbles the sweet spot again before moving on to lick and suck on Dino's neck. "Makes me think you like this. Do you? Like it?"

It's fun to talk to Dino when he's excited past the point of speech. A ragged "hnnnngh" and a nod is all the man can manage.

"And this," he purrs, taking one of Dino's small, hard nipples in his teeth. "How about this?"

Were it not for the weight of Hibari's body holding the Italian down, Dino would arch his back clean off the bed. His soft moans of gratification are like music.

"Mmm, yes," Hibari murmurs against Dino's chest. "I think you do like that. And I know you like this..."

Hibari runs a finger lightly from Dino's breastbone, along the little line of definition that divides his abdominal muscles, down to the root of his erection, up along the shaft of his penis and back again. He does this several times enjoying the way the other man writhes and strains against him, enjoying the sound of Dino's heart hammering in his chest.

"Let's try something new," he whispers, and he finds Dino's eyes. "See if you like that, too."

He retrieves the bottle of lubricant and the pack of condoms from the bedside table and prays that Dino is too intoxicated with passion to notice how badly his hands are shaking. Pausing a moment to breathe and calm down, he positions himself alongside the Italian once again and kisses him firmly on the mouth.

"If you don't like it, we'll stop," Hibari says, his lips grazing Dino's. "If it doesn't feel good or if..."

"I trust you," Dino whispers back. His voice is barely audible, but the raw honesty of those words sends a strong, unknown sensation shooting through Hibari's chest. For a few moments, he cannot breathe, then the feeling is gone, evaporated into the darkness.

He warms a bit of the lube on his fingers and then touches just the pads of the first two to Dino's opening. "Let's start with this," he says and covers Dino's lips with his own while moving his fingers around in a slow circle. He feels Dino's body respond to his touch, tense at first, then relaxing as the sensation becomes more familiar. When he thinks he's given the man enough time to adapt, he goes a bit farther, and the cycle repeats itself. The tip of one finger: Tense. Kiss. Relax. Probing further, deeper: Tense. Kiss. Relax.

Hibari is not sure how long this goes on. There seems to be nothing else in the world other than the ragged, heavy sound of their breathing, Dino's tantalizing heat and the way that his every part and particle is alive and singing for release. He works three fingers slowly, easily in and out of his lover's body, and he thinks that at last, maybe it's time to feel what it's like to be completely within his embrace.


Dino has had good sex, bad sex, and just about everything in between. He has had--and what a fond memory that is--truly legendary and epic sex--the kind that every human on the planet should experience at least once in a lifetime. There are similarities between that and this, but to be honest there is no comparison. This is unlike anything in the world. He can't quantify the sensations and emotions involved in this...phenomenon that Kyouya is creating with nothing more than his voice, his hands and his mouth. His body, his mind, all of the secret and special things that make him who he is--they no longer belong to him. He has rendered them unto Kyouya's keeping and what is left behind is gossamer and insubstantial. This is a liberty unparalleled.

A whimper escapes his lips when Hibari withdraws his fingers, quickly silenced by Kyouya's mouth on his. Black eyes of such wrenching depth hold his own.

"Do you still want to do this?" Kyouya asks. The power of speech has long since abandoned him, so Dino nods his assent. Pillows are arranged. Positions are shifted. He finds himself on his stomach, hips raised, knees spread. It is, without doubt, the one position that no red-blooded Italian male ever wants to find himself in. But then, he doubts that any of those men have ever felt as wild and carefree as he feels at this particular moment.

"I'd rather see your face," Hibari explains, his voice shaking--with nerves or lust, Dino can't tell, "but it'll be more comfortable for you this way, and there's less of a chance that I might hurt you."

Dino nods again, though what he wants to say is, "I told you before. I trust you."

He feels the cool slickness of more lube and Kyouya's fingers, once more testing, preparing him, making sure. He's so careful, so patient. Dino wonders how Hibari has managed to go this long without climaxing. He's come at least twice since this slow foreplay began, and he knows that it's only a matter of time before euphoric release finds him again.

"Ready?" Hibari whispers. "I'll go slow, and...just...tell me if you need me to stop." Dino nods, and when Kyouya tells him to breathe in, he does. The first few moments are somewhat uncomfortable. He's grateful that Kyouya started with just his fingers, but fingers are not quite the same as a fully erect penis. Dino cries out, feels his body tense.

"Ah! Too fast?" Kyouya rasps and stops pushing. "Then just breathe. We'll...stay like this...for a little while."

Dino pants and gasps for air. It's not painful, just alien and new. As promised, Kyouya proceeds slowly, pressing his length into Dino's body a little at a time until they fit together as tightly as puzzle pieces. The feeling of Kyouya inside of him is tantalizing. And then he begins to move, slow, then ever faster. Kyouya's first deep thrust touches something within him and the lightning strike of pure pleasure makes him scream. It takes him a moment to recover before he realizes that Hibari has stopped.

"Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

Dino shakes his head, calls up words through sheer force of will. "Nnnnn...S'ok...s'good...do it again...."

After that, there's nothing but blinding pleasure and the growing crescendo of moans, screams and cries that burst forth from both of them like blackbirds from a tree. His eyes are blurred and streaming, his throat raw, his body shaking with the strain of holding all that light and heat inside him. When Kyouya comes, he lets go, dies, falls through a heaven of perfection and bliss.

He hears Hibari's voice from a distance, and he wants to answer, but he hasn't eyes to see nor a mouth to speak. At least he doesn't until those tender lips kiss them into existance. He's finally done it, Dino thinks. So many years he's promised, and now at last he's made good on all the threats snarled across the barren wasteland of various rooftops and alleyways.

I just never imagined that this was the kind of death he meant.

Dino tries to move and fails. There is nothing left of him but the ecstasy. Nothing left. Not even fear, doubt or insecurity. It's an opportune moment, if ever there was one.

"Ti amo. Ti amo. Molto cosi..."

Dino feels himself gathered into Hibari's arms, cradled against that firm body as if strength alone could merge the two of them into one.

"Ore mo...aishiteru...."


Hibari watches Dino sleep in the yellow glow of first light. He wishes he could stay, but he has an exam review in his first class that he cannot afford to miss--even though he's as worn out as the man lying prone on the bed. Hibari reckons that through the course of the evening, he and Dino managed to make love in almost every room of the apartment. All except the office, which, for security reasons, is wired for surveillance.

Making love. The term sounds so girly and trite, but he can't come up with another more appropriate term. What he and Dino did all night certainly goes far beyond just having sex. Perhaps its the word love that seems so odd. He's never spoken it to anyone before--other than his parents or grandparents. And filial love is very different from this heavy, squirrelly ache that has lodged itself beneath his ribcage with no sign of letting go.

It's different from the feeling he gets when he hears the Namimori High School song or walks along the corridors of the old Junior High. That feeling, he knows now, is pride and belonging, and while it also soars and leaps, it doesn't make him feel like the top of his head is going to come off.

He kisses Dino on the corner of the mouth, which evokes a soft, sleepy noise, gathers his things and quietly makes his exit. He's left a note on the bedside along with a pitcher of what he thinks is grapefruit juice. Damned professors. Damned exams. He makes a note to have a "discussion" with his TA about effective scheduling.

On the way out, he passes the Caravaggio painting and stops. It's a reproduction. The original hangs in a church somewhere in Rome. Knowing this does nothing to detract from his fascination. The two figures in the center command his attention--young men, one golden, one dark, one bathed in light, the other shrouded in shadow. Both appear to be struck by something terrible and miraculous, unable to avoid the shaft of light that cuts between them like a knife.

Perhaps they, too, have been undone by love.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome. I'll be posting the next segment some time this weekend.